Adorable gifts for cat lovers

They star in cute and funny videos, they entertain us and win our hearts establishing themselves as our dear pet-friends: cats have a great appeal to us and have increasingly become a fashion-icon too. Cats' round faces and fluffy bodies, in fact, really make a statement and are widely used to personalize our daily life objects ranging from sweaters to USB pen drives. Cat-customized gifts are the best option to create a memorable present to your cat-lover friend but also are perfect to make our beloved ones smile with a stylish and original present. Here are the top 10 ideas to choose the best gift for a cat-lover.

cat mug, cup

Sarcastic grumpy cat mug

Who said that cat-inspired items must be all sweet? This adorable grumpy cat mug reminds us that there is more than one way to be charming! This ceramic “Best cat mom ever” meme mug is maybe one of the funniest ways to start a conversation while having a tea or coffee. What is more, it is a perfect gift idea for any cat-lover who enjoys sarcasm. The high-quality materials make this cup a long-lasting, while the permanent print designed will keep its glow for many mornings to come.

Fast charging cat power bank

Want to find a useful gift for a cat-lover friend? This adorable cat-shaped 10.000mAh power bank feeds any devices with a quick flow of energy. Cat-lovers will fall in love with the details of this item: the level of brightness of the cat's ears shows the battery level, so you always know if the cat is “hungry.” This power bank can be used with iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and other smart phones or tablets. Available in 5 different styles and colors, including an adorable devil-cat design.

cat shaped measuring cups

Cat-shaped measuring ceramic cups

Do you know that cats' curved body shape allows them to measure and bake all sorts delicious cakes? This set of measuring cups provides an accurate measuring of both wet and dry ingredients, while its smart design provides an easy and safe storage. The cups can also be used as baking bowls and are a perfect gift idea for everybody who loves cats and cooking too. This playful houseware is also ideal for those who appreciate smart design solutions.

Cute women sweatshirts

Even a bunch of black lines can add a touch of cuteness to any sweatshirt. Each of these cat-customized shirts can be matched with a pair of jeans and make an excellent gift for any cat-lover friend, who has a casual style. Comfortable and cozy, these long sleeve sweatshirts are a combination of comfort and sweetness. There is a shirt for each personality: a super cute pink, deep wine red, minimal but yet smart grey t-shirt and black or white option for those, who don’t like many colors in their wardrobe.

cat shaped headphones

Wireless cat-ear headphones

The music we listen to can say a lot about our personality, and so do the headphones we choose! These super cute wireless headphones are designed to be an original gift idea for any girl, who can’t go a day without music or cats in her life. These cat-inspired headphones are foldable and are made of high-quality materials. The earmuffs are covered with protein leather, so you can use them for hours and never lose the comfort. You can choose between a white/pink and a bold dark/red style.

Multicolor LED cat lamp

Here is a stylish lamp that has got it all: the charm of cat and warm night glow! With just a tap on the lamp, you can switch from standard to color flashing lighting mode. Thanks to its multicolor lighting options, this LED lamp can be used as energy-saving lighting solution in both children bedrooms or any decorated room. Also, it is more than a lamp: the fluffy silicon cat can be squeezed and taken around the room safely, which makes it a funny and (literally!) brilliant gift for any children.

cat shaped lamp

Cat-shaped magic scotch roll dispenser

Cat-shaped tools have a double advantage: apart from being cute and adorable, they feature a functional design that makes them a unique addition for everyday use. Cat-inspired magic scotch roll or note dispenser is a great gift for a student or anyone, who just love stationery and crafts. In fact, it comes in 5 different colors and includes a magic scotch roll, so it is ready to use.

Property trading game Cat-opoly

If you want to make a wow gift to a friend who loves board games and is crazy for cats too? Can you image how funny would it be to play a property trading game designed around cats’ world? Make any cat lover’s dreams come true with the Cat-opoly. Trade properties and earn money in style.

cup mug "meowy christmas!"

Have a “Meowy Christmas” mug

A personalized mug is probably one of the cutest choices for a Christmas gift, and if it features a cat face print, it is a perfect way to say “Have a meowy Christmas.” This cat-inspired mug has got all it needs to make a fun gift idea: a super cute Christmas-themed cat illustration and nice bold shape. The ergonomic design makes this mug a long-lasting addition to anyone's collections, while it is a perfect to sip a tea while cuddling on the sofa with your pet-friend.

Santa cats socks for women

Socks are an evergreen gift for Christmas: they can help to quickly get away with the tasks of making gifts to our beloved ones. These adorable women socks can turn a simple sock into a must-have fashion item for any woman who loves cats and to be cozy. While these red and grey socks are perfectly in tune with Christmas atmosphere, they can be easily matched with every outfit for every occasion. Both sets are made from high-quality materials (cotton and nylon), have a comfortable ribbed cuff and...the same appeal, too.