Best gifts for dad

Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes our dads are our unknown heroes who chase big spiders away and open tough jars. And like all heroes, they deserve great recognition. If your daddy’s birthday is just around the corner, then you simply have to read on.

In this article, we have 10 of the best gift ideas for dads. These are not your usual old-fashioned gifts that you can find at a local store. They are playful, special and fun; just like our dads.

socks with writing on them

Funny saying knitting word socks

These funny socks could be your way of telling your dad “I love you”. The best thing about these socks is that the letters are sewn not printed. This means that they will always look great. These socks feel more like a custom-made gift, although they are quite affordable. You can easily pick your dad’s favorite drink or snack and voila!

Best farter ever Oops meant father mug

Tell your father that you love everything about them and we literally mean EVERYTHING. This is a fun mug that your dad can leave at work to constantly remember your kind words and crack a few laughs. It comes in 2 different colors to suit different preferences. Pick the one that you like and draw a smile on your daddy’s face.

best farter ever mug
t-shirt with words "you can't scare me I have two daughters"

You can't Scare me I have two Daughters T-shirt

Is your father scared by your make up tools? Your friends? Your social media accounts? Your potential dates? It is time to address his fears and give him this T-shirt. This is a fun T-shirt that your dad can wear to scare away the enemies.

This T-shirt is made of cotton and polyester that will keep your dad comfortable. It can be machine washed cold and will always look good.

How to traumatize your children book

This is not for the faint of heart. "How to Traumatize your Children" is a must-have for a parent who is working on raising up a new age psychopath. You can always use this hilarious and sarcastic book to add a new mentally and emotionally damaged psycho to our world. Or you can do exactly the opposite by avoiding everything that has been mentioned.

book about how traumatize your children
pillow funny pillowcase

Stay off! Pillow For Dads Chair

Help your dad mark his territory. This pillowcase has funny print on both sides, to scare outsiders away. It is made of durable fabric that will last for long. It is soft and lightweight. Your dad can take this to work or throw it on his favorite chair. It is also very affordable.

You're going to be a Daddy Mug

This is the perfect gift to share the great news with your partner. Just fill the mug with his favorite coffee and wait until he sips on to reach the secret message. It will always be a memento of these fun moments where your partner first knows that you are expecting.

mug with text inside

Love You Dad hand stamped Lure Fisherman Gift

An excellent gift for the daddy figure in your life. It says I love you by letting them know that you pay attention to the details. A personalized gift that anglers just love. It even comes in an elegant gift box. It is a practical gift that can be used to catch real fish. It can be used for actual baits or hanged in a keychain.

Thankful wood handle steel Hammer

A sentimental gift that will probably bring tears to the eyes of the handyman in your life. It works as a gift for your dad, grandpa, partner or husband. It features a polished steel head to master all tasks. The handle is made of shock absorbing hardwood that will allow your man to use it for long. It also has a comfortable grip. But the best thing about this hammer is the engraved sentence that will show them that you care.

hammer with text on handle

Papa Bear T-Shirt

Grab one high-quality T-shirt or get a bunch for the whole family. These are comfortable T-shirts that are made of a high-quality cotton polyester blend. They also come in different prints and colors.

Because these T-shirts are highly affordable, you can definitely get for every family member. These are fun to wear for the holidays or a family photo.

You can do this Dad - cute baby bodysuit

An exceptional gift to all new terrified dads. Beat the social media and tell them that they can do it. New dads usually get petrified of the idea of being responsible for another human being. This cute baby bodysuit will always remind them that they will survive. It is a perfect gift for photo-shoots.

This bodysuit comes in 3 colors. It is effortless and smooth to change. It is time to give dads credit where credit is due.

cute baby bodysuit