Cool gifts for geeks & nerds

Is it a struggle to find gifts for your favorite geeks? What are their passions? Are they into math, science, or computer technology? Could they be fans of Batman, Star Wars, Star Trek, or Rick and Morty? Do they spend all their spare time on social media, or are they avid gamers? Our choices include card games, kitchenware, wall art, apparel and more. Rare, unique, and clever, these entertaining gifts will be sure to please your geeky friend, colleague, or loved one. Get the one of a kind person on your gift list a one of a kind gift!

Funny mugs for computer and science fans

Do you know someone who defines primitive living as going without the internet for more than a millisecond? Or are you acquainted with a devoted scientist who thinks knowing the periodic table is elemental?

Either way, a cleverly captioned mug would make a perfect gift for any occasion. Each glossy white mug is approximately 4 inches high and holds 11 ounces of a favorite hot or cold beverage. Both are dishwasher and microwave safe; however, hand washing might help the bold messages stay brighter for longer.

Adult party game for the social media generation

The What Do You MEME? card game will have your friends screaming with laughter as they match Caption Cards with the Photo Card in play to create the funniest meme ever. Players take turns serving as the judge who lays down the Photo Card and chooses the best meme for each round. This game would be a fantastic gift for anyone who loves to throw parties. Game play for up to twenty people can last until everybody wins or the takeout food arrives!

what do you meme? card game

Funko POP action figures

These 3 ¾” vinyl figures are appropriate for ages 3 and up, making them perfect companions on a toy shelf or even an executive’s desk. Everybody needs a smile and a chance to show off their more lighthearted side. The Spock figurine is ready to bring logic to any situation, while Batman is poised to save the day. Devotees of the Rick and Morty show will enjoy displaying the Rick figure. These POPS make great gift choices for any fan of these popular characters.

Magnetic Poetry Kit for geeks

What rhymes with USB? Do you have a friend or coworker who’s compelled to write haiku about technology? Maybe your roommate needs something more creative than a white board for leaving messages. These magnetic tiles will keep your favorite tech minded creative writer busy composing literary masterpieces with words like humanoid and microwave. The Magnetic Poetry Geek Kit, which contains over 200 tiles, is non-toxic and made in the U.S.A. It can be mixed and matched with any other Magnetic Poetry Kit.

geek fridge magnetic words
death star waffle maker

Star Wars Death Star waffle maker

Choose this gift for your favorite waffle loving Star Wars fan. The lucky recipient will think of you every time he or she hungrily destroys the Death Star for breakfast. This officially-licensed Star Wars waffle iron makes 7” round waffles in two sections.

The non-stick cast aluminum cooking plates imprint the design on both sides. Indicator lights show when the waffle iron is at the correct temperature. Fill the Superlaser indentation with your favorite toppings and let the syrup run through the trench. May the force be with you!

T-shirts for old school technology buffs

You can never have enough T-shirts, especially ones as funny as these two. The hilarious graphics insure that the memory of old technology like floppy disks, VHS tapes, and cassettes will never die. Either of these comfortable, crew neck tees would make a great gift for that friend or colleague who still has some floppy disks or tapes stored in a drawer somewhere.

pudding bowls

Theorem themed pudding bowls

Serve up math for dessert in these pudding bowls featuring the wisdom of Pythagoras, Euclid, Hippasus, and Gauss. Each of the four bowls has a classic theorem emblazoned on the outside and the proof printed on the inside. You can use the bowls to hold everything from soup to ice cream, but the fun is in reaching the solution at the bottom. Our careful calculations show that these bowls would be a hit with anybody who has a passion for mathematics.

Framed art for game lovers

Is your bestie or sweetheart a gamer? How about a sibling or teammate? Anyone you’re especially close to who loves gaming will cherish this gift. This unique artwork is handmade with fade resistant archival ink on professional canvas textured cardstock.

You can choose from six different controllers and seven different sayings, or you can request that your own quote be used. Each framed picture is made to order, making it a truly original, unique gift that the recipient will treasure forever.

I will always be your player 2 frame
equation clock for math people

Equation clock

The person who lives and breathes advanced mathematics can now count on it every hour of the day. This wall clock is fascinating and challenging. Instead of whole numbers, it displays a different mathematical notation for each hourly marking.

Your favorite mathematician will love confounding visitors who ask, “What time is it?” But don’t worry, an answer sheet for each notation is included. It will be an attractive timepiece for any math lover’s office, classroom, or home.

Rick and Morty Total Rickall card game

This wacky cooperative card game is a must for die-hard Rick and Morty fans. It is based on the Total Rickall episode from the popular Rick and Morty cartoon on Adult Swim. But even those who haven’t watched the show can still enjoy the game. Rick’s family keeps expanding as parasites impersonating relatives and close friends invade his home. It’s up to the players to work together to sort out the real characters from the parasites and save the day!

rick and morty game