Spooky Halloween gifts of 2018

Halloween is that time of the year when the darkness of the night covers the sky, yellow street lights are dancing in the rain, and the air is filled with the sweet aroma of fallen autumn leaves. It is the time of magic and mystery when the world of the dead returns to the cities to remind of your loved ones, who are not there with you. So embrace the Halloween spirit and send the warmest wishes to your family, friends or colleges.

My first Halloween baby bib

My first Halloween baby bib

This festive cotton baby bib is a perfect gift for any little pumpkin. It is an ideal accessory for Halloween photos or simply keeping baby's costume clean for a year to come. It is machine wash and tumble dry friendly with hook-and-loop closure to make any parent life easier.

Yes I can drive a stick coffee mug

This cheeky classic white ceramic tea or coffee mug is an excellent present for all those sassy ladies, who can appreciate a little bit of humor. Gift it to your colleagues, female clients, lady friends or even ask your girlfriend to show, if she has the skills to drive a stick on that spooky Halloween’s night.

Funny white coffee mug with slogan

Glow-in-the-dark Halloween pyjama set

Halloween is just around the corner, so is cold and freezing winter weather. So there is no better way to enjoy chilly winter nights as with warm and snuggly pyjamas. This glow-in-the-dark pyjama set is a cute gift for any little boy or girl. Sleep tee and matching bottoms with the scary skeleton, mummy or Frankenstein prints are made from 100% cotton to provide maximum comfort and warmth.

Pumpkin pie handmade soy wax candle

There is no home without the smell of pumpkin pie, the same as no Starbucks without pumpkin spice latte. This all natural soy wax candle combines the aroma of sweet cream pumpkin, complimented with nuances of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove, and buttery vanilla notes. A delicious gift for any candle lover that will last till Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin pie handmade soy wax candle
Coffin Halloween pin

Wish you were here coffin pin

Do you wish someone was there with you during that gloomy Halloween night? If so, share your love in Dracula’s style and send this “romantic” brooch to your loved ones to tell how much you miss them. This handmade coffin pin is printed in shrink plastic and finished with a glossy sealer to create a glass effect.

Trick or Treat engraved rolling pin

Get in the mood with spooky & sweet Halloween cookies for a terribly awesome get-together night. It is a perfect gift idea for mom, grandma, sister or any friend that has a passion for cooking or simply has a sweet tooth when it comes to candy. With this engraved, wooden rolling pin anyone can transform easy cookie recipe to truly frightful and totally delicious Halloween-inspired delicacies.

Engraved wooden rolling pin

Oooh Yeah! Spooky Halloween socks

Embrace the spirit of the festive season and show your love in a cozy and comfy way. This combed cotton spooky Halloween socks are a great gift that will keep any happy feet warm during cold winter weather. They are freakishly soft, lightweight, extremely comfortable and build to last. Choose from eight different designs to ‘Creep it real’.

Halloween skull and bones ice mold

Are your friend or college hosting Halloween party this season? If so, bring this Skull & Bones Ice Mold as a gift to add a scary twist to Halloween cocktails or a punch bowl. This ice mold is made from high-quality plastic and can be used for regular or colored ice, Halloween jello shots or homemade bath bombs. So get ready to crack the hell up.

Black silicon skeleton ice mold
White coffee mug with skeleton middle finger print

Skeleton middle finger mug

There are two types of people in the world: those who love Halloween, and the adults. And we all have that friend, who is just afraid of any holiday season. So there is no better way to scare her/him on spooky Halloween night than with funny gift idea. On the other hand, this classic white ceramic coffee mug will perfectly illustrate how she/he feels about the holidays.

I'm just here for the boos t-shirt

Have no idea what to wear to Halloween party but just want to enjoy some ‘boos’ with your friends? If so, this lightweight, classic fit, and 100% cotton tee is an excellent choice for you or a perfect gift idea for any beer lover. Without a doubt, it will add some charm to your Halloween costume, if you decide to do Trick or Treat in your neighborhood.