Stellar gifts for space lovers

If the aspiring astronomer in your family is particularly difficult to buy gifts for, don’t panic! While they might own a telescope and all kinds of space-themed supplies to feed their outer space addiction, they are sure to find these galactic goodies simply out of this world! Unusual and quirky, yet brilliant at the same time. There’re no reasons, why they won’t adore these unique space-inspired gift ideas. Want to see for yourself? Check them out below!

solar system lollipops

Solar System Lollipops

Have you ever thought that Solar System could taste so heavenly sweet? Gift this Solar System Lollipops to your dear friend or a family member so that they can experience an intergalactic sugar rush, lick the surface of the Sun or crush the Neptun between the teeth. Within each gift pack, there are 10 hand-made lollipops – all featuring exceptional detailing and delicious flavors, such as marshmallow, tropical punch, cherry, pear, cotton candy, key lime, guava, blackberry, mango, and strawberry/kiwi. Excellent gift idea for anyone that has a sweet tooth and cosmic dreams.

Space Cat Enamel Pin

Do you know someone that uses enamel pins to make a statement to the world? If so, this Space Cat Enamel Pin is an excellent addition to any aspiring astronomer’s collection. It is made from high-quality copper and thick brass metal to provide durability so you can be sure it will last a lifetime. At least, a lifetime of a cat.

Astronaut cat enamel pin
A bottle of moonshot gin in white background

Moonshot Gin

For the avid astronomer, who’s over the legal drinking age, there’s no better gift than an extraordinary bottle of gin. Of course, something spectacular like as Moonshot Gin. In fact, there’s more to this gin than just the label and aromatic botanicals - it features the hints of actual moon rock from the lunar meteorite. All ingredients were exposed to extremely low temperature and pressure before finally returning to the earth to be distilled in the vacuum. The result is an exceptional bottle of gin with unforgettable spicy and citrusy character.

Ticket to The Moon Pillowcase

If your dearest space fanatic seems to have it all, you can still be creative about it. What about a ticket to the moon? Sounds too expensive and too good to be true? Ok, maybe it does, but everyone can take the intergalactic trips in their dreams. And there is no better way to remind of this as with this stylish pillowcase. It is made from cotton and poly blend and fits most standard pillows. On top of that, it’s tasteful, it’s affordable, and most importantly, you know it will be used!

White pillowcase with Ticket to The Moon black writing
Four packs of freeze-dried astronaut ice cream

Freeze-Dried Astronaut Ice Cream

Do you know a bright mind in your life that always wanted to become an astronaut? If so, this Freeze-Dried Astronaut Ice Cream is just a perfect gift, allowing to enjoy the same space desserts here on the Earth. Within one pack, the recipient will get four sachets of Neapolitan flavored ice cream, created by using the very same technique, developed for early Apollo space mission. We are sure, after tasting this dessert, your loved one will realize that the life on Earth is not so bad after all.

NASA Logo Grey Crewneck Sweatshirt

Does your loved one enjoy the minimalistic style, comfort and mysterious stories about NASA space missions? Given that, this grey crewneck sweatshirt could be just an ideal gift for any occasion. Besides, it is durable, long-lasting and made of cotton and polyester mix for real comfort and washing machine compatibility. Great gift idea for any space fanatic.

Grey crewneck sweatshirt with NASA logo
Spacemen Astronaut LED Light

Spaceman Astronaut USD LED Light

Do you know a space lover that has a passion for computer gadgets? If that is a case, this Spaceman Astronaut USD LED Light is what you should be looking for. This adorable light is compatible with any USB port and can provide much-needed light for late-night reading or study sessions. To turn it on, simply pull up the visor and close the astronaut's helmet to turn the light off. What is more, the flexible metal wire can be angled into any desired position.

Floating Around in Otter Space Pouch

If your loved one enjoys exploring the galaxy with the same enthusiasm as the makeup world, this carry-all pouch is an excellent gift idea. Available in three sizes featuring an adorable otter floating around in outer space. Besides, it has a strong canvas exterior, a poly-cotton interior lining and is perfect for carrying makeup items, toiletries, stationery supplie or evan an iPad. The best part is, an independent artist will profit from the sale.

Pouch with artwork of floating otter in space
Glow in the dark constellation star map

Glow-In-The-Dark Star Map

For the young or the young at heart, this constellations glow-in-the-dark star map will appeal to all. Not only can it act as a night light to light up the darkness in the bedroom, but it can also educate as it features all major constellations visible year-round from North America, Europe, and Asia. After exposure to the bedroom lamplight, it glows for many hours. During this time, constellation lines will disappear, while the stars and Milky Way remain bright and vibrant. It’s suitable as an educational tool, or as a talking point for any living or bedroom space.

3D Printing Moon Night Light

'What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.' While for the longest time, it was only a beautiful quote from 'It's a Wonderful Life,' now it sounds more like reality. Therefore, if you think the world of someone that loves long romantic walks in the moonlight, this Moon Lamp would be just a perfect gift. In fact, it is a very accurate replica of the Moon that was manufactured by 3D printing technics. Simply touch the control to switch the light or adjust the brightness.

moon night light in the wooden stand