Valentine’s day gifts for him & her

It’s not always easy to find the words to tell your partner how much you love them, so we’ve compiled a list of cute Valentine’s Day gifts that can do the talking for you! No matter if your Valentine is sappy or witty, a romantic or a jokester, this list will help you nail down the perfect way to say “I love you.” Keep reading to discover all Valentine’s gift inspiration that you’ll need this year!

Heart-shaped red headphone splitter

Heart-Shaped Headphone Splitter

What a better way to say “I love you” than by sharing your favorite tunes? This Valentine’s day, use an adorable headphone splitter to share your favorite love ballads with your special someone. This headphone splitter is portable, which means that you can easily attach it to your key ring for on-the-go music sharing. How romantic! It’s made out of eco-friendly plastic (happy Valentines Day to you too, environment!) and is compatible with any device with a standard 3.5mm audio jack, including iPhones, tablets, and mp3 players. Plug in and listen away with your sweetheart!

Cute Coffee Mug for Couples

What goes together better than a biscuit and a tea? Or two spoons in a drawer? This simple, white mugs are printed either with the words “You are the Biscuit to my Tea” or “You are the Perfect Spooning Partner.” The mugs are made locally in the UK, and hold up to ten ounces of your favorite tea or other hot beverage. They are made of high-quality ceramic and are also safe to put in the dishwasher or microwave. The best part is that this gift is something that your loved one can use every day! If your Valentine is a tea-lover or a cuddle fanatic, this cute mug will make the perfect gift for him or her.

White coffee mug with writing
vintage over the rainbow music box

Over the Rainbow Music Box

This vintage-style music box will do the talking for you! The music box plays “Over the Rainbow,” a famous ballad made written for the classic movie The Wizard of Oz. When you turn the music box’s hand crank, the notes float out from the box’s metal pins. Take a step back in time with your Valentine while you listen; it is not only a perfect gift for a romantic partner, but for a family member such as a sibling or child. Your loved one will be over the moon — or rather, over the rainbow! — with this sweet Valentine’s Day gift.

The Big Activity Book for Couples

Have you ever wondered what your partner really thinks of your driving? What is the biggest dream in their life? If you’re ready to learn about your partner on a whole new level, this romantic activity book for couples is a spot-on gift! This clever book contains a number of puzzles, games, and questionnaires designed to bring you closer to your the other half. Who needs Cupid when you’ve got the “Big Activity Book for Couples”?

Big activity book for couples
A blue box of love is... bubble gum strawberry and banana flavor

Sipsevdi (Love is...) Bubble Gum

You can say “I love you” in English any day—but this Valentine’s Day, why not say it in Turkish with a box of Sipsevdi (Love is...) bubble gum? Sipsevdi, which is the bubble gum’s brand name, means “quick to fall in love” in Turkish…how fitting! This pack contains 100 pieces of strawberry and banana flavored gum. If this wouldn't be good enough, each piece comes with an adorable love-related comic and sentiment written both Turkish and English. Sure to bring a smile to your Valentine’s face.

“Me Without You” Book

When searching for a special gift this Valentine’s Day, why not turn to a book on the New York Times bestseller list? Sure to be a hit with your loved one, “Me Without You” will remind its recipient how special they are in your life. Let this sweet book do the talking for you. This is a hardcover book, and features drawings from two famous illustrators—it uses pictures to show its readers just how different scenarios would be without them as your second half!

New York Times bestseller me without you illustrations book
Enamel pin with two otter holding hands

"Significant Otter" Enamel Pin

If your Valentine likes puns—or pins!—this just might be the perfect gift. This cute pin, which shows two otters holding hands, sports the phrase “You’re my significant otter.” The pin is made of high-quality metal, and can be attached to nearly any clothing or textile item; it also has a no-poke safety cover on the back to prevent poking. This lapel pin is so cute that you just might inspire your significant “otter” to start up a collection!

Clever Note Pad

Why not tell your Valentine why you love them with a special note? These two notepads—“Why I Must Have Sex with You,” and “What I Love About You Today”—each give a plethora of reasons that you can use to compliment your partner! Indicate every reason possible why you love your partner and why it is important to make love today. These notepads will have both of you laughing and feeling playful in no time. Each notebook comes with 60 sheets, and measures around 6x9 inches—a perfect to catch the eye of your lover!

Table topics for couples to start great conversation

Couples Conversation Starters

Place this box of conversation starters on the table, and let the chatting begin! This gift is a perfect way to show your soulmate that you’re excited to learn more about him or her. These conversation starters are produced by the company Table Topics, which has used consumer feedback to create the best couples questions. Bring your relationship to a new level with these couples conversation starters—who knows, you just might learn something or get to share something new!

Heart Plush Toy

Remind your lover that your heart beats for them with this plush heart toy! This large, stuffed toy was designed with love in mind—it’s shaped like a proper heart but has a friendly face embroidered on it. It could be a perfect gift for your partner if you’re in a long distance relationship; your other half can squeeze this heart pillow and think if you while you’re apart!

No matter if your lover is far away or right next to you, cozy up to love by giving this gift to your partner. (Bonus points if your Valentine is a cardiologist!)

Heart plush toy figure